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The intuitive, yet versatile X-ray spectrographs for the tender and hard X-ray range feature high-resolution XRF measurements in the 1-12keV energy range.


A variety of table-top sized geometries can be selected for optimum performance with energy resolution 0.5-1.5eV. Crystal choices include flat-, 1D- and 2D-bent crystals, including diced / segmented.

Monte Carlo simulations can be provided to find the optimal spectrometer configuration and geometry. The calculations consider any type and distribution of source, any configuration and distances, and 0D- 1D- and 2D detectors. The resulting detector image and X-ray spectrum gives a direct estimate of energy resolution and efficiency of the spectrometer.



  • x-ray spectrograph in von Hamos, Johann,
    or Johansson geometry

  • crystal choices: flat-, 1D- and 2D-bent, including diced / segmented

  • Bragg angles 50 to 80°

  • energy range 1 - 12 keV

  • energy resolution 0.5 - 1.5 eV

  • operating pressure <10^-6 mbar vacuum
    or 1 bar He

  • modular, adaptable design

  • turn-key, hassle-free operation

Special solutions


We offer specialized solutions for almost every application, including:

  • non-magnetic instruments

  • special housing geometries, in-chamber solutions

  • adapted motion axes:
    Bragg, gap, roll, pitch with closed-loop feedback

  • Monte Carlo simulations for performance studies

Please contact us with any special requirements you may have.



Our goal is to supply the perfect x-ray spectrometer for your application. We customize every spectrometer to exactly match the desired application.

This includes e.g.:

  • interfacing to experimental chambers

  • adaption to source type / distance

  • integration of customer detectors

  • user-defined slits and filters



  • resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS), X-ray emission spectroscopy (XES) or X-ray Raman scattering (XRS) studies

  • high intensity laser-matter interaction

  • high-resolution shot-to-shot characterization of undulator and free-electron-laser (FEL) radiation

  • magnetically confined plasmas

  • line characterization in fusion research



Our spectrometers can be operated with all state-of-the-art detection systems:

  • x-ray CCD cameras for highest resolution, large dynamic range and absolute signal strength

  • hybrid photon counting detectors for lowest readout noise


We will select and supply the detector that best fits your application



Please send us an email inquiry for further information, references or a quotation.