The intuitive, yet versatile X-ray spectrographs for the tender and hard X-ray range feature high-resolution XRF measurements in the 1-12keV energy range.


A variety of table-top sized geometries can be selected for optimum performance with energy resolution 0.5-1.5eV. Crystal choices include flat-, 1D- and 2D-bent crystals, including diced / segmented.

Monte Carlo simulations can be provided to find the optimal spectrometer configuration and geometry. The calculations consider any type and distribution of source, any configuration and distances, and 0D- 1D- and 2D detectors. The resulting detector image and X-ray spectrum gives a direct estimate of energy resolution and efficiency of the spectrometer.



  • x-ray spectrograph in von Hamos, Johann,
    or Johansson geometry

  • crystal choices: flat-, 1D- and 2D-bent, including diced / segmented

  • Bragg angles 50 to 80°

  • energy range 1 - 12 keV

  • energy resolution 0.5 - 1.5 eV

  • operating pressure <10^-6 mbar vacuum
    or 1 bar He

  • modular, adaptable design

  • turn-key, hassle-free operation

Special solutions


We offer specialized solutions for almost every application, including:

  • non-magnetic instruments

  • special housing geometries, in-chamber solutions

  • adapted motion axes:
    Bragg, gap, roll, pitch with closed-loop feedback

  • Monte Carlo simulations for performance studies

Please contact us with any special requirements you may have.



Our goal is to supply the perfect x-ray spectrometer for your application. We customize every spectrometer to exactly match the desired application.

This includes e.g.:

  • interfacing to experimental chambers

  • adaption to source type / distance

  • integration of customer detectors

  • user-defined slits and filters



  • resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS), X-ray emission spectroscopy (XES) or X-ray Raman scattering (XRS) studies

  • high intensity laser-matter interaction

  • high-resolution shot-to-shot characterization of undulator and free-electron-laser (FEL) radiation

  • magnetically confined plasmas

  • line characterization in fusion research



Our spectrometers can be operated with all state-of-the-art detection systems:

  • x-ray CCD cameras for highest resolution, large dynamic range and absolute signal strength

  • hybrid photon counting detectors for lowest readout noise


We will select and supply the detector that best fits your application



For further specifications, please download the product spec sheet:

Please send us an email inquiry for further information, references or a quotation.

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