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Beamline XUV spectrometer

We work with light, vacuum, and passion.

Our focus on scientific instrumentation.

HP Spectroscopy, founded in 2012, is a leading developer and global supplier of scientific instrumentation.

Our product lines include spectroscopy tools, detector solutions, and beamline instrumentation. We deliver cutting-edge products to customers in academia and industry worldwide. We take pride in the customization of all our products to deliver the best solution for each application.

70 years of spectroscopy know-how.

Our team consists of experts in the fields of spectroscopy, grating design, plasma physics, beamline technology, and X-ray technology, as well as mechanical, electronics, and software engineers.
At HP, we combine over 70 years of expertise in spectroscopy.

We network to advance.

We network closely with leading scientists at research institutes worldwide to innovate and push the frontiers of measurements.

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