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ion spectrometer

Customized ion / proton spectrometers

  • angularly resolved energy spectra

  • charge information on ion species

  • high energy resolution: >10% at 50MeV

  • wide acceptance angle of 30°​

  • spectral analysis software package

HP ion spectrometers represent a major improvement over the traditional Thomson parabola. Due to their high energy resolution of >10% combined with angular resolution, they provide high-accuracy estimates for conversion efficiencies from laser into particle energy. In addition, their significantly increased acceptance angle of 30° allows for much more realistic measurements. Spectral information is provided for each charged ion species.


Multiple parameters can be investigated simultaneously, minimizing the impact of shot-to-shot fluctuations. The HP ion spectrometer is thus perfectly suited for low repetition rate lasers.

Our ion spectrometers are operated with state-of-the-art detectors:

  • high-sensitivity image plates

  • scintillators

  • MCPs

Careful instrument design ensures that direct and stray laser light and x-rays from the laser-plasma interaction is shielded from the detector.

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Image plate with experimentally obtained ion traces from the wide-angle ion spectrometer. Electric, resp. magnetic field deflection correspond to the vertical, resp. horizontal axis. The dashed lines indicate simulated traces. The color scale gives the photo-stimulated luminescence of the image plate.

L. Senje et al, Diagnostics for studies of novel laser ion acceleration mechanisms

Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85, 113302 (2014)


  • laser ion acceleration

  • distinguish different acceleration mechanisms
    (Target Normal Sheath Acceleration TNSA,
    Radiation Pressure Acceleration RPA,
    Break-Out Afterburner BOA)

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