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high-efficiency XUV spectrometer maxLIGHT pro

Customized XUV / VUV spectroscopy solutions

  • tailored instrumentation for cutting-edge research

  • in-house development of
    spectrometers, gratings, detectors

  • modular platform for efficiency in time and cost

  • collaborative project methodology

Aside from its portfolio of standard spectrometers, HP spectroscopy is able to cover a wide range of specific vacuum spectroscopy applications. Customized spectrometers realized so far include:

  • high-NA
    For light sources that emit into a hemisphere but have low photon fluxes, a large collection angle is crucial. We have realized VUV spectrometers up to a numerical aperture of 0.45, i.e. an opening ratio of 1:1

  • in-chamber
    For complex setups, integrating the spectrometer fully into the main vacuum chamber is mandatory. Examples include EUV diffractometers or transient absorption spectroscopy experiments

  • polarimetry
    The polarization-dependent broadband measurement of HHG spectra opens up new experiments, e.g. studying dichroism in the XUV

  • EMP-proof
    Spectrometers in high-power lasers using Z-pinch or other electrical discharge schemes need to be robust to the huge electromagnetic pulses

  • compact footprint
    Constrained space in beamlines frequently requires spectrometers with compact or adapted footprint

high-efficiency XUV spectrometer maxLIGHT
high-resolution XUV spectrometer highLIGHT

Collaborative customization projects

Our approach to specific instrument development is customer-centric. We make sure we understand your experiment and your requirements first to clearly define specifications. Over the course of the project, milestones and thorough design reviews are installed. This gives you full transparency over the project status and full control over instrument design and materials.

We are eager to expand horizons together. Contact us to discuss your spectroscopy application.

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