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in-vacuum chopper system


in-vacuum chopper system

  • vacuum-integrated optical chopper
    for modulation of a continuous beam

  • compact enclosure for easy integration

  • phase-locked motor speed control

Light sources in the VUV and XUV spectral range oftentimes are low power, sometimes even close to the noise limit of detection systems. Frequency-locked modulation of the beam is a common method to overcome this.


The HPS in-vacuum chopper enables using lock-in techniques in VUV/XUV beams, permitting the elimination of
background noise. Both low-frequency drift and phase jitter can be suppressed. The modular chopper unit can be conveniently installed anywhere in the beamline setup.

The controller uses a phase-locked loop motor speed control with chopping frequencies up to 10kHz. A variety of different chopping wheels can be mounted.

Customized in-chamber versions of easyCHOP are also available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


easyCHOP in-vacuum chopper system


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