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XUV metal filter

XUV filters

long-life spectral filters

  • best-in-class transmittance due to decreased oxidation

  • superior flatness and roughness

  • higher mechanical stiffness

  • long-term stability through improved heat dissipation

  • segmented foils for collinear pump/probe experiments

HP spectroscopy offers metal filters for spectral filtering in our spectrometers and beamlines. The XUV filters have a significantly higher transmission than conventional filters. Thin coating layers avoid XUV-absorbing oxidation on both surfaces. In addition, their higher mechanical stiffness makes their handling in the lab easier.

Segmented filters

segmented XUV metal filter
segmented XUV metal filter

For collinear pump/probe experiments with a split mirror, segmented filter foils are available. The dedicated support structure for the foil segment enables higher heat dissipation, a crucial component for high-intensity laser setups. Our segmented foils provide long-term stability for months.

Selected filter transmission

Filter transmission curves

Selecting the right XUV filter allows for focusing on the spectral region of interest. Unwanted stray light from the laser wavelength or low-order harmonics is blocked.


HP spectroscopy provides a variety of filters, both in full plane and segmented configuration. Contact us to discuss your application.


transmission of aluminum XUV filter

Measured and calculated transmission of 100nm-thick HP Al filter (black) and conventional Al filter (blue).

Transmission is higher by a factor of 2 to 10 due to the reduced oxidation.

surface quality of XUV filter
surface quality of XUV filter

Measured 3D surface images of

(a) an HP XUV filter and

(b) a conventional lift-off filter

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