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diffractive grating

Custom gratings

  • design and manufacturing services

  • customized gratings for
    flatfield spectrometers and monochromators

  • X-ray - UV - VIS - IR spectral range

  • up to 3000/mm groove density

  • blazed profiles for high efficiency

HP spectroscopy offers reflective diffraction gratings custom-designed to the specific application. The services provided include the full range:

  • consulting

  • design

  • manufacturing

  • testing

Gratings for spectral ranges from the soft x-ray up to the IR can be produced. The holographic manufacturing process ensures extremely low stray light. Most substrate shapes can be accommodated: plane, spherical, toroidal.

All relevant grating technologies are available:

  • laminar profile for improved harmonic suppression

  • blazed profile for highest efficiency

  • variable-line spacing gratings (both laminar and blazed)

Please contact us to discuss your grating requirements.


Grating laminar 4000L/mm

AFM image of a manufactured laminar grating with a groove density of 4000L/mm


  • laser pulse compression

  • high energy lasers

  • astronomy

  • synchrotron sources

  • table-top XUV sources

  • free-electron lasers

  • VUV instruments

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