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scientific CCD camera

maxCAM and easyCAM

XUV/VUV cameras

  • industry-leading sensor

  • specifically designed for XUV applications

  • native Ethernet interface

  • comprehensive software package

  • compact CF63 footprint

The HP spectroscopy cameras were specifically developed with VUV/XUV/X-ray spectroscopy and imaging applications in mind. They excel in low-light environments where photons are precious.


In the maxCAM, a back-illuminated sensor from e2v delivers high quantum efficiency of up to 95%, while low-noise electronics and TE-cooling to 80°C below ambient ensure negligible dark counts.


The easyCAM delivers a record quantum efficiency of 40% in the spectral range 100 to 300nm, where conventional XUV cameras have a minimum.

For both, plug-and-play connectivity is provided via USB and native Ethernet. The powerful software suite and SDKs in Labview, C/C++, Visual Basic, and Matlab give full control over the camera functions.


maxCAM: XUV/X-ray camera


easyCAM: VUV camera


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