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MCP detector with low-noise CMOS camer

MCP/CMOS camera

low-noise detector

  • minimum dark counts for extremely long acquisition

  • gated detection down to nanoseconds

  • large-area MCP enable largest spectral bandwidth

  • turn-key detector

The MCP-based detectors by HP spectroscopy excel in a number of application fields.

For applications with extremely low photon numbers, e.g. a few signal photons per hour, required acquisition times go up to many hours. With a dark count rate of 1/s/cm², our multi-channel plates, combined with a low-noise CMOS camera enable such measurements.

For pulsed applications, the gating option of an MCP can be beneficial. Gating times of a few nanoseconds allow for isolating the signal from a pre- or post-pulse.

Connectivity is provided via plug-and-play USB or Ethernet. The powerful software package and an SDK for Labview, C#, and Matlab give full control over the camera functions.


  • low-photon signal detection

  • gated detection

  • large-bandwidth spectroscopy

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