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microCOMB pro
ultra-stable wavelength calibration reference

  • thermally-isolated Fabry-Pérot cavity for excellent wavelength stability

  • wavelength reference for long-term measurements

  • radial velocity reference for astronomy spectrographs

  • highly homogeneous flux in spectral lines

microCOMB is a highly-stable wavelength reference with a variety of applications. It provides an ultra-stable regularly-spaced comb of spectral lines by way of a standard optical fiber.


Long-term drift measurements down to the 1E-10 level are possible due to the excellent shielding of the reference from environmental influences. Wavelength calibration of spectrometers can be significantly improved with microCOMB. Astronomy spectrographs benefit from a radial velocity reference with a stability of 10cm/s per day.

Customized versions of our microCOMB wavelength reference are also available. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


microCOMB pro: ultra-stable wavelength calibration reference



Drift TH-FP.jpg

Long-term stability test of microCOMB pro, expressed by the relative drift between the temperature-stabilized Fabry-Pérot cavity and a thorium-argon lamp over the course of 40 days. Over a 24h-day, the drift is <0.10m/s, i.e. Δλ/λ <3E-10. During an observing night, between calibration and scientific exposures, a drift smaller than 0.05m/s can be expected.


  • wavelength calibration of spectrographs

  • long-term wavelength drift measurements

  • astronomy spectrographs

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