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VUV monochromator monoLIGHT


toroidal grating monochromator

  • high-throughput for line emission in the VUV

  • compatible with most available VUV sources

  • standard configuration for He I and He II

  • improved beam pointing stability

monoLIGHT is a toroidal grating monochromator for laboratory VUV sources, compatible with most models available on the market. In its standard configuration, it is optimized for high efficiency at both He I and He II (10%, resp. 20%). Complete separation of He I α and He I β​ is achieved while maintaining the source bandwidth.

The monochromator is easily adapted to a broad range of sources and applications. Gratings for many discharge gases are available. The lengths and interfaces of both the incoming and the outgoing arm are adapted to fit the application.

Customized derivatives of monoLIGHT are also available, including multi-gas and multi-source monochromators.

Contact us to discuss your monochromator application.


monoLIGHT: toroidal grating monochromator



  • VUV source monochromatization

  • Ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy UPS

  • Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy ARPES

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