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Beamline light sources

Our product portfolio includes integrated light sources of radiation in the vacuum wavelength range. Synchrotron-style measurements are enabled by these sources.
High-harmonic generation (HHG) beamlines are a powerful table-top tool providing coherent laser-like XUV and soft X-ray radiation. Fundamental research in plasma physics or surface science has been realized with our beamLINE systems.

The laser-driven plasma source proLINE provides turn-key EUV radiation. Both broadband and monochromatized outputs are available.

HHG beamline light source with diagnostic spectrometer


versatile HHG light source


Laser-like source of XUV and soft X-ray radiation through high-harmonic generation.

Large selection of options available, including focusing and monochromator stages, and secondary beam incoupling. Complex research setups available as customized built-to-specifications.

EUV plasma light source


compact EUV source

Turn-key source of radiation in the 1-20nm (60-1000eV) spectral range. Long-term stable plasma source with low maintenance. Intuitive operation by software control.

Focusing units and monochromators options available.

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