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HHG beamline

Customized beamline solutions

  • turn-key reliability

  • low maintenance for full focus on the experiment

  • long-term stability - for months

  • smart engineering

  • fully integrated from one source

HP spectroscopy offers a wide range of beamline solutions, including HHG sources, beam characterization tools, and experimental chambers. Common to all our beamline components is the long-term stability, resulting in low maintenance efforts.
Using our many years of experience allows you to fully concentrate on your experiments.

  • chamber technology
    Cost-effective one-piece chambers or modular frame technology for highest flexibility, we adapt to your needs

  • vacuum technology
    Standard HV or UHV, depending on the application. High-precision vacuum skimmers contain the gas load with a 1E-4 pressure drop to down-stream chambers

  • HHG source
    Modular target setup for solid, gas, and rotating targets gives flexibility for future experiments.
    The high-LDT gas target with closed-loop gas control and beam stabilization ensures constant gas flow for months and keeps maintenance efforts small

  • XUV beam characterization
    In-line monitoring ensures reproducibility of results. Power, beam profile, and spectrum are basic parameters, suited for continuous on-line monitoring

  • pump-probe target setups
    Collinear or non-collinear geometry setups including XUV beam separation and segmented filters. Motorized double mirror assembly for XUV/VIS-NIR delay with a resolution down to 5-10 attoseconds

  • experimental target diagnostics
    Turn-key integration of experimental instrumentation: electron/ion TOF spectrometers, VMI, hemispherical analyzers, and others. Seamless control in lab control software suite

HHG gas target
XUV delay unit with attosecond time resolution
XUV delay unit with attosecond time resolution

Collaborative customization projects

Our approach to specific instrument development is customer-centric. We make sure we understand your experiment and your requirements first to clearly define specifications. Over the course of the project, milestones and thorough design reviews are installed. This gives you full transparency over the project status and full control over instrument design and materials.

We are eager to expand horizons together. Contact us to discuss your beamline application.

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