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Customized UV / VIS spectroscopy solutions

  • tailored instrumentation for device integration or stand-alone

  • in-house development of
    spectrometers, gratings, detectors

  • clear focus on cost and time-to-market

  • stringent project methodology

HP spectroscopy offers customized device development of UV/VIS/NIR spectrometers for industry and academia. For industrial applications, we are able to meet demanding cost targets with short time-to-market. For challenging scientific projects, we draw on our strong spectrometer and grating expertise in the demanding vacuum spectral range. Application fields include:

  • LIBS and Raman spectrometers
    Spectrometer modules for integration into OEM devices. Broadband high-resolution spectral analysis with customized mechanical and software interfaces. High-throughput design for increased sensitivity.

  • astronomy spectrometers
    Drawing on our extensive expertise with low-light conditions, we realize laboratory characterization tools and prototypes for astronomy spectroscopy. High-efficiency designs and low-noise detectors are crucial. Excellent instrument stability allows for extremely long exposure times.
    Our wavelength reference cavity allows for ultra-stable calibration of astronomy spectrometers.

  • spectral test stations
    Customized instruments for the characterization of the spectral response in transmission or reflection of filters, mirrors, or other optical elements. Single or double monochromators ensure highest spectral purity.


Collaborative customization projects

Our approach to specific instrument development is customer-centric. We make sure we understand your application and your requirements first to clearly define specifications. Over the course of the project, milestones and thorough design reviews are installed. This gives you full transparency over the project status and full control over instrument design and materials.

We are eager to expand horizons together. Contact us to discuss your spectroscopy application.

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