table-top NEXAFS system


table-top NEXAFS system

  • first integrated NEXAFS spectroscopy solution

  • no need to apply for beamtime

  • chemical state analysis for geology, biology, materials research

  • synchrotron-quality spectra

proXAS is the first system on the market to offer NEXAFS measurements in a laboratory. Fingerprinting for element analysis is now possible in-house with fast and accurate results.

It combines a highly-reliable laser-based XUV source and a customized spectrometer with an extremely high resolving power of 1900. The energy range 200-1200eV allows for measurements at the K-edge of elements such as C, N, O, Ca, K, Ti.

Customized versions of proXAS are available. For applications at higher energies, see hiXAS. Please contact us to discuss your application.


proXAS: table-top NEXAFS system



NEXAFS measurement at carbon K-edge
NEXAFS measurement at carbon K-edge

NEXAFS spectrum at the carbon K-edge of a polyimide film (t=200nm).

(1) measured with the table-top system, averaging over 60 pulses.

(2) NEXAFS spectrum recorded at a synchrotron for comparison


  • Surface science

  • Chemical state analysis in geochemistry

  • Electronic structure and oxidation state analysis