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integrated spectrometer

and beamprofiler

  • in-situ beam characterization with beam bypass

  • spectrometer and beamprofiler

  • wavelength range from 10 to 80 nm

  • quick and easy integration

  • compact and versatile device

nanoLIGHT is a full characterization instrument for periodically sampling an XUV beam in-situ. It incorporates spectrometer and beamprofiler and can be retracted fully for beam bypass. Switching between the modes of operation is fast and automated.

With its compact footprint of 16x17cm², nanoLIGHT fits in the most constricted setups and is a perfect retrofit solution.

The extremely wide wavelength range of 10-80nm can be recorded simultaneously. A filter insertion unit permits selection and calibration with metal filters. The high grating efficiency of 20% over the full range and the adjustable sensitivity of the MCP detector allow for a large dynamic range.

Customized in-chamber versions of nanoLIGHT are also available.


nanoLIGHT: integrated XUV spectrometer and beamprofiler



  • High-harmonic generation sources

  • Attosecond science

  • Intense laser-matter interaction

  • Free-electron lasers

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