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Spectroscopy solutions for the XUV spectral range

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maxLIGHT pro

high-efficiency flat-field XUV spectrometer and beamprofiler


Maximum light collection and highest system efficiency

available in an XUV spectrometer. The integrated beamprofiler

makes it a complete characterization tool for any XUV source.

Wide flat-field coverage in 1-200nm and automated switching

of spectral region increase lab efficiency substantially.



compact high-efficiency flat-field XUV spectrometer


Flat-field spectral coverage of 30-250nm in no-slit configuration for up to 20-times higher efficiency. Compact device covering a broadband spectral range. Integrated stray light suppression for increased signal-to-noise.



high-resolution flat-field XUV spectrometer


Highest spectral resolution available in a flat-field XUV spectrometer. Wide spectral bandwidth of 1-20nm, resp. 5-100nm. Two modes of operation: high-efficiency no-slit and conventional entrance slit mode.



in-line XUV spectrometer


In-situ spectral characterization tool for integration in a beamline. Fully motorized no-slit spectrometer with beam bypass. Compact footprint to fit tight beamline arrangements.



integrated XUV spectrometer and beamprofiler


In-situ spectrometer for 10-80nm range combined with a beamprofiler and beam bypass. Fast mode switching. Extremely compact footprint for beamline integration and retrofit.

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