H+P beamlines are turn-key low-maintenance systems that let you focus on your experiment. High harmonic generation (HHG) from gases or solids provides a table-top source of coherent XUV to soft x-ray radiation.

In-line spectrometers serve both as source characterization tools and diagnostics for plasma experiments.

As modular platform, H+P beamlines offer a high degree of flexibility for upgrades and extensions.


Advanced sub-assemblies such as long-life gas targets or our proprietary XUV / IR delay unit for pump-probe streaking experiments are also available as standalone.


Generation chamber

  • gas and solid HHG targets,
    quickly exchangeable, fully motorized

  • attosecond pulse generation

  • heating beam access

  • outstanding long-term pointing stability

  • environment-isolation for minimal day-to-day drift to ensure experiment uptime

  • modular, adaptable design

  • turn-key, intuitive operation



Experimental spectroscopy chamber


  • in-line spectrometer 1-200nm with
    proprietary H+P design for direct source imaging and maximum light collection

  • beam profiling option

  • XUV / IR delay unit for pump-probe streaking

  • operating pressure HV or UHV

  • advanced differential pumping scheme for ultra-low gas load



For further specifications, please download the product spec sheet:

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H+P beamlines enable a multitude of experiments:

  • photoelectron spectroscopy

  • attosecond science

  • plasma physics

  • coherent diffractive imaging

  • EUV lithography characterization

  • nano-imaging

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