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in-line XUV spectrometer

  • in-situ spectrometer with beam bypass

  • no-slit design for highest efficiency and robustness

  • compact footprint for tight beamline space

  • full automation for remote control

  • additional characterization options

For in-situ source characterization in a beamline, beamLIGHT is the perfect choice. It integrates the proprietary no-slit spectrometer in a compact footprint (50cm length). Day-to-day operation robustness is greatly increased by this architecture. beamLIGHT combines highest spectrometer efficiency with aberration-corrected flat-field coverage and automated beam bypass switching.

The modular design matches a variety of experimental geometries and configurations. Both standard and ultra-high vacuum versions are available. Beam diagnostics such as a beamprofiler or wavefront sensor can be incorporated.

Detector options include both XUV CCDs and multi-channel plate assemblies.

Full customized beamline setups with in-line spectrometers are also available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


beamLIGHT: in-line XUV spectrometer



  • High-harmonic generation sources

  • Attosecond science

  • Intense laser-matter interaction

  • Laser and discharge produced plasma sources

  • Synchrotron beamline characterization

  • Free-electron lasers

  • X-ray lasers

  • Laser-driven secondary sources

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