X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy systems

Our product portfolio includes integrated XAS systems both for near and extended energy regions of an absorption edge.
The NEXAFS region close to the absorption edge shows the largest variations in the x-ray absorption coefficient and is often dominated by intense, narrow resonances caused by the transition of core electrons to non-bound levels. NEXAFS is sensitive to local atomic states such as oxidation states.

The EXAFS structure is formed by the wave-like nature of the emitted photoelectron, which is scattered by surrounding atoms and forms oscillations from constructive and destructive interference that can then be used to infer bond lengths and information on neighboring atoms.

EXAFS and NEXAFS principle
table-top EXAFS and XANES system


integrated XAFS solution


Complete solution for EXAFS and XANES analyses in the 5-12keV range. In a compact footprint, it provides synchrotron-quality spectra in the lab. The wide bandpass allows obtaining information on the distance and coordination numbers of neighboring atoms

table-top NEXAFS system


table-top NEXAFS system


Turn-key system for NEXAFS spectroscopy in the 200-1200eV range. Measurements with a quality on par with synchrotron results allow chemical state analysis in the lab. No need to apply for beamtime to gain insight into the electronic configuration of elements, including oxidation state, bond lengths, and molecule orientation