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ultra-stable wavelength calibration reference

Long-term drift measurements down to the 1E-10 level are possible with this ultra-stable wavelength reference. A regularly-spaced comb of spectral lines with extreme stability is provided via a standard optical fiber. Astronomy spectrographs benefit from the excellent wavelength stability.

in-vacuum chopper system

in-vacuum chopper

Detection of low-power VUV/XUV light frequently requires lock-in techniques. Our in-vacuum chopper provides turn-key phased-locked modulation of the beam with up to 10kHz. A modular housing, as well as an in-chamber configuration is available.

XUV filter

XUV filters

Metal filters for isolation of the spectral region of interest are small but crucial elements in beamlines. Our portfolio includes oxidation-protected filters with significantly higher transmission and segmented filters with specialized support structure for collinear pump-probe experiments.

diffractive grating

custom gratings

Our services include the full range from design to manufacturing and testing of custom-design gratings. Both flat-field and laminar grating technologies are available. Advanced holographic production guarantees low stray light. Gratings for spectral ranges from the soft x-ray up to the IR can be produced.

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