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compact EUV source

  • stable operation for weeks without realignment

  • low maintenance effort, full focus on the experiment

  • modular system design with excellent accessibility

  • long-term stable gas targets with increased LIDT

HHG beamlines by HP are turn-key tools that allow scientists to fully focus on their research. Our portfolio includes HHG sources, in-line spectrometers, as well as experimental target setups.

HHG sources feature a modular target setup that supports both gas targets and solid targets (flat and rotating cylinders). Spectral filtering with selectable low-maintenance metal filters guarantees focused experiments.

For attoscience experiments, isolated attosecond pulses are delivered in the wavelength range 6 to 16nm, attosecond pulse trains in 6 to 120nm.

Customized derivatives of our beamLINE are also available. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Low maintenance design

beamLINE sources enable highly stable operation: less attention to the tool, full focus on research.

Customized beam stabilization and durable gas targets enable high system uptime and flux fluctuations under 3% in 12 hours. The high laser damage threshold of the targets, together with an elaborate gas delivery system results in constant gas flow for months. Metal filters specifically designed for beamline use ensure low maintenance in the downstream segment.

schematics 1066.jpg


beamLINE: turn-key HHG beamlines




Harmonic emission from two-color-pumped carbon, resp. zinc plasma in an HP beamLINE. HHG was generated with 37fs-pulses in a plasma created by 250fs long NIR heating pulses. The flux of a single harmonic (H25, 30eV) from carbon LPP was estimated to be 8E13 photons/s.

G. Boltaev et al, Application of 150 kHz Laser for High-Order
Harmonic Generation in Different Plasmas

Photonics 7, 66 (2020)


  • Photo Electron Spectroscopy (tr-ARPES)

  • Coherent Diffractive Imaging

  • Time Resolved EUV Spectroscopy

  • Attoscience

  • Advanced Tomography

  • Metrology for EUV lithography

  • Spintronics

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